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How does industrial endoscope detect high-precision lathe equipment

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How does industrial endoscope detect high-precision lathe equipment

Issue Time:2020-09-18
Industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation in places where high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and human eyes cannot be directly observed. Mainly used in automobiles, aero engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc., to achieve non-destructive testing without disassembling or destroying components and shutting down equipment. On the other hand, industrial endoscopes can also be connected with cameras, video cameras or electronic computers to form photographic, video and image processing systems to monitor, record, store and analyze visual field targets. Provide a good guarantee for diagnosis and treatment.

Industrial endoscope technology has unique advantages. It can expand people's sight distance, change the direction of sight at will, and accurately observe the true condition of the inner surface of the object, which cannot be replaced by other inspection instruments. Whether in the manufacturing industry or in the maintenance industry, the use of endoscopes for non-destructive testing has achieved good results, solved many problems, ensured the normal operation of the entire equipment, and avoided accidents. Now let us look at how industrial endoscopes diagnose high-precision CNC lathe equipment.

After the equipment is used for a long time, its spindle system often fails. When machining parts, the spindle occasionally screams. As the equipment is used, the frequency of failures becomes more and more frequent, and eventually develops into a stuck spindle, which causes the equipment to not work properly. When the equipment has abnormal sound in the early stage, the maintenance department will inspect and repair the equipment. During the inspection, the spindle was found to rotate normally when the equipment was not clamping the workpiece. It is preliminarily inferred that there is a problem with the vacuum fixture system of the equipment. However, because the equipment manufacturer requires users not to disassemble the equipment spindle by themselves, it is impossible to see the specific conditions that occur inside the equipment failure point using conventional diagnostic methods, and it is impossible to thoroughly check the equipment failure, which results in the equipment failure cannot be eliminated. JEET ultra-clear video industrial endoscope, which transmits the images collected by the industrial endoscope probe to a TV monitor for display. There is no need to disassemble the equipment, which greatly improves the internal observation and judgment ability of the fault point. Improve the recognition rate and reliability of equipment failures. At the same time, guide the troubleshooting of industrial endoscope TV images and successfully complete the troubleshooting of the equipment.