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Application of industrial endoscope in boiler inspection

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Application of industrial endoscope in boiler inspection

Issue Time:2020-11-17
When testing these special equipment, there may be some parts that cannot be directly observed by the naked eye, and the disassembly will require huge labor time and money. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to use an industrial endoscope to detect blind areas that cannot be seen. Problems such as cracks, grooving, overheating, deformation, leakage, corrosion, abrasion and scale, so as to promptly find and remove the pressure parts of the boiler or solve the hidden safety hazards in other parts to ensure the safe operation of the boiler or other equipment .

When inspecting boilers, the requirements for endoscopes are relatively high. Some of the gaps under inspection are small, or high temperature and water may occur. At this time, waterproof high-temperature visual endoscopes are required. mirror. JEET Technology's THX series of industrial endoscopes, the probe diameter of the endoscope is as low as 2.2mm, and it can be inserted with holes and slits. The endoscope is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. It can also be equipped with a high temperature probe to allow the endoscope The scope can be operated under high temperature conditions. The endoscope is equipped with a 5.1-inch high-definition large screen, which can view the situation in the boiler in real time. The hand-held integrated industrial endoscope is convenient, portable and easy to carry.

Friends who use special equipment are welcome to consult the industrial endoscope independently developed and produced by JEET, or if you have any questions, please come to consult.