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Since 2017. JEET Videoscope is the leader among the China developers and manufactures of high quality video borescopes with professional NDT and RVI solutions. Our products are supplied to large domestic companies and more than 30 countries.

A problem solver in NDT and RVI fieldRich experience in manufacturing and services for RVI equipmentExcellent after-sales service
JEET Video borescope gallery
  • THX-Series Industrial Endoscope

    High definition; Interchangeable monitor and tube; 360°joystick-control articulation; High temperature alarm function.

    TH-Series Industrial Videoscope

    Intelligent Software, Flexible Articulation Control, High temperature alarm function, Original dual battery design.

    TU-Series UV Endoscope

    Integrated design of UV & white dual light sources; The image can be outputted to HD display by HDMI; 360° joystick-control articulation; Quality Assurance.

    S-Series Industrial Borescope

    Sapphire glass lens, high precision probe; One-click photo/video taking, real-time wireless image transmitting, Iconic menu, easy operation; Light and portable only 0.5KG; The whole product is dust-proof and water-proof.

    Police Borescope

    IR/white light source, one key toggle, Ultra long visual distance, Original design of dual battery mode, working time is more than 8h, Image transmission by WiFi or HDMI output, displyed with HD screen.

    Articulating Borescope

    360°all-way articulation, damping type positioning design, precise articulation locking technology, make the detection more accurate and efficient.

Our Commitment To Service
Now we have more than 50 customers all around the world: North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, in which 38 customers are in US.
  • Customized Design

    JEET can customize various types of fiber optic endoscopes, optical endoscopes, electronic video endoscopes, customized automated video inspection programs and equipment, and customized automated defect recognition systems according to the actual needs of customers.

  • Attractive And Reasonable Price

    Our passionate and trusted sales team are ready to craft your future. We’ll work closely with you to prepare a customized quote in a timely manner and offer assistance with configuration and layout.

  • Fast Delivery

    Timing matters – We’re prepared to provide an estimated shipment date when you place your order.Your Project Manager will provide on-going updates throughout the project leading up to your target ready to ship date.

  • Excellent After-sales Service

    Provide 7×24 hours telephone consultation service; Provide various industrial endoscope repair services; Provide endoscope accessories.

  • Capture images and record videos with great resolution with this ideal tool. ~ Jeffery O. Whiteman

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The most reliable manufacturer! The most affordable cost! The most professional design! The most durable quality!
Team Of JEETAugust 22, 2020 | China

JEET has a professional R&D team with independent intellectual property rights in endoscope electronic design, mechanical control, image processing, software development, etc. All customers can find your Industrial Imaging Solution From JEET. We can help you improve your growing business.

We Make It Easy

We are the preferred manufacturer of industrial endoscope equipment for customers around the world. At JEET we take pride in being a customer’s best resource for the planning, design, fabrication, management, and successful execution for each unique Industrial Imaging Solution.

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