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How to use the portable endoscope?

How to use the portable endoscope?

Sep 5,2020
What Should be Pay Attention to When when using portable endoscopes:

If a live object such as a high-voltage line is encountered during the inspection, the operator must first turn it off. Otherwise, the bare metal parts of the portable industrial endoscope will conduct electricity, leaving the user exposed and easily damaging the equipment. Do not use near high temperature or high heat source. Even those materials with high heat resistance must operate within the specified temperature range. When using, the surrounding environment must be kept clean and the lighting brightness. During use, do not stretch or bend the insertion tube, and keep the basic balance within the elastic range of the insertion tube at all times. Please be careful when using it. Control the strength of the hand and move slowly to prevent damage to the equipment due to excessive force. If there is flammable liquid or gas, it needs to be protected by related lenses and wires.

The development trend of portable endoscopes

Images obtained through a video endoscope are usually shared and viewed by different people, thereby increasing the demand for network connections. Videoscopes provide multiple solutions, including integrated Wi-Fi. When using video endoscopes to conduct related inspections on site, such as image sharing or live broadcasting, team members in the office or other places use desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. to view the virtual site. Create and implement real-time inspections of the site and provide timely feedback. As more and more organizational teams need to quickly share test results, the ability of video endoscopes to support team collaboration has also received increasing attention.

Features of portable endoscopes

1. It conforms to the ergonomic design concept, beautiful appearance and perfect use experience.
2. Independent battery design. The host can be equipped with multiple batteries, and can be inserted and replaced at any time.
3. The stainless steel, plastic coating/tungsten hose test line outside the probe.
4. Flexible operation and labor-saving bending in two directions improve work efficiency.
5. Screen brightness, screen contrast and screen ratio are adjustable.
6. Smart camera and video integration function, convenient to record test data in time.
7. The LED fiber optic lighting is installed on the back to optimize the lighting system design.
8. The high-resolution inch LCD display can provide smooth, true, clear and stable dynamic and static inspection images.