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Detection and application of pipe endoscope

Detection and application of pipe endoscope

Sep 16,2020
The industrial endoscope is divided into three parts, one is the host part, mainly used for storing software and viewing images, and has an insertion tube part. The length of the insertion tube ranges from one meter to several hundred meters. Different lengths correspond to different configurations. The last part is the camera. This part is usually equipped with cameras and LED lamp beads. Of course, there are also optical fibers that guide light from the rear light source through the optical fiber.

Industrial borescope are used in high temperature environments, toxic environments, nuclear radiation, and places where human eyes cannot directly see. Its main applications are pipelines, boilers, pressure vessels, electricity, chemicals, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, machinery manufacturing, and ships. By taking photos and videos, you can record archaeology, military weapons, customs, stone and natural gas, aviation, etc. in real time, and get a more intuitive understanding through data analysis.

In actual work, the omnidirectional 360-degree guidance function is essential. When observing the inside of the container, you must observe up and down and pay attention to the surrounding environment. Therefore, the pipe endoscope is required to be able to rotate 360°. If only one direction can be guided The axial rotation operation of the insertion tube has to be tediously performed, the work becomes difficult and the observation effect will be affected.

JEET Industrial Endoscope supports portable controller, full-view HD touch screen, wireless network and measurement function. One machine can install multiple lenses, which can achieve multiple purposes. The lens adopts German advanced macro focusing technology, suitable for various working conditions and tube diameters, and realizes 360° detection without dead angle! If you have any questions or needs for this product, please call us!