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JEET ultra-fine industrial endoscope can be as thin as 1.3mm/1.7mm

JEET ultra-fine industrial endoscope can be as thin as 1.3mm/1.7mm

Sep 17,2020
Olympus has played an extremely important role in the invention and creation of endoscopes in the world. As an imported brand of industrial endoscope, Olympus endoscope has a minimum diameter of 2.4mm.

In recent years, due to the long after-sales maintenance time of imported industrial endoscope brands, and the extremely small inspection space cannot meet the needs, customers and friends have been passive for a long time, and the technological level of domestic industrial endoscopes has been greatly improved. For example, Shenzhen JEET Technology invested a lot of advanced scientific research equipment, actively carried out design and research, aimed at the visual inspection problems in ultra-narrow spaces, and solved the core technical problems related to endoscopes such as bionic machinery, electronics, software, and optics, and successfully developed High-end ultra-fine industrial endoscope products represented by the 1.7mm endoscope. Facing the long-term monopoly of imported industrial endoscope brands, Shenzhen JEET Technology has mastered the technology and technology of ultra-fine industrial endoscopes, which is a major achievement of domestic industrial endoscope brands.

Ultra-fine industrial endoscopes have always been one of JEET's superior products. At present, our smallest probe diameter can reach about 1.3mm, which can penetrate into ultra-narrow spaces, such as valve body runners, metal workpiece inner holes inspection occasions . Some ultra-fine industrial endoscopes are often used in precision casting piston hole inspection and aerospace parts pipeline inspection, and their inner diameter can only accommodate 2mm diameter insertion tube. Adopting the inspection plan of JEET ultra-fine industrial endoscope can avoid the damage caused by cutting the workpiece during sampling and the cumbersome procedure, which effectively improves the efficiency.

Shenzhen Jeet Technology's various series of industrial endoscopes and other products are widely used in various fields, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, precision casting, automobile maintenance, police defense security, special inspection institutes, food and chemical pipelines, pharmaceutical machinery, energy and power Industry etc. The sales network is all over the world, and the products are at the leading level in the domestic high-definition endoscope industry. Shenzhen JEET Technology focuses on technological innovation and will surely lead a new trend in the endoscope industry.