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The operation process of JEET F series 3D measuring endoscope

The operation process of JEET F series 3D measuring endoscope

Sep 17,2020
Since the endoscope has the measurement capability in the 1960s, the technical personnel of the endoscope have been studying more accurate measurement methods, and the accuracy of the 3D measurement is the constant pursuit of the research and development personnel. The measurement endoscope has undergone a lot of feasibility studies and simulation tests, and the minimum accuracy of the 3D measurement is 0.01mm. Let's take a look at how the Fpro endoscope can achieve precise measurement by measuring the distance from point to point.

1. The pipeline should be placed steadily before measurement.

2. When locating to the position to be measured, the display screen can be adjusted to dual-camera display, and the measurement part needs to be displayed on the left and right screens at the same time.

3. Click the point-to-point measurement button to select the length to be measured. You can click the zoom button below to select precisely. Note that when selecting points, select points with obvious characteristics.

4. After selecting, click the confirm button to adjust the position of the point on the right screen. After adjustment, click the measurement button to display the measurement data on the left screen, or click the list button to display the measurement data in the list.

The obvious difference between the JEET Fpro 3D measuring endoscope and the imported manufacturer is that the imported 3D measuring endoscope cannot fine-tune the measuring point, while the JEET Fpro can adjust the measuring point at any time during the measurement process. At the same time, when measuring, the imported 3D measuring endoscope can only be measured at the measuring point in the image matching area, otherwise it cannot be measured, and basically any point in the JEET Fpro screen can be measured.

JEET Technology F series endoscope is a product with precise 3D measurement function specially developed for high-end users. Its relative measurement accuracy can reach more than 95%. It can be used in aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and casting, nuclear power and other fields. JEET Technology is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of endoscopes. In the future, it is committed to providing users with smarter, more accurate and clearer endoscopes. Welcome to order!