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Industrial endoscopes have been widely used in our lives!

Industrial endoscopes have been widely used in our lives!

Oct 28,2020
With the continuous development of the country and the improvement of people's living standards, people will add more auxiliary products in their daily lives, such as household machines such as air-conditioning, car washing machines, etc., to improve the quality of people's daily life. These auxiliary supplies have also led to the fact that the use of industrial endoscopes in daily life is becoming more and more common! Simply put, the endoscope is to expand people's sight, see what we can't see, and then peek inside the machine. We often encounter many problems in our daily lives: blocked sewers, falling objects, malfunctions of household appliances, regular inspections and maintenance of automobiles, etc. What do these problems have to do with industrial endoscopes?

Let's talk about common sewer blockage problems first. After the clogged sewers in the past, we always make every effort to remove the clogged pipes. However, as we hope, in order to achieve the purpose of dredging, we often interrupt the corresponding pipeline, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increases the cost. Industrial endoscopes have professional pipeline endoscopes, and only the front end is required. The probe can be used for detection, and the real-time internal situation is transmitted to the display through the front-end camera, and it is clear what is causing the blockage and where it is. According to related problems, a good solution can be obtained.

Second, let's talk about the daily maintenance of private cars. Before the advent of car endoscopes, our daily car repairs were basically to 4S shops or car repair shops. The problem with cars is also in 4S shops or repair shops. What is it? I don't know if I have pitted, but the situation is different with a car endoscope. Can we test and maintain our own private cars, such as inside the engine, inside the exhaust pipe, inside the air conditioner, and industrial endoscopes can discover and discover what problems can be solved by ourselves, which is very convenient and practical, and no longer afraid of being 4S shops or repair shops Blinded by the routine.

In addition, if jewelry such as rings, earrings, etc. fall into the wash basin, you can easily find and remedy the foreign body capture function of the industrial endoscope; the industrial endoscope of Jietai Technology can be equipped with probes of different sizes. In order to check the internal condition of the washbasin, different probe accessories can be selected to capture lost accessories.

It is precisely because of the flexibility of industrial endoscopes that the products of industrial endoscopes can be widely used in all aspects of our lives.