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JEET technology intelligent endoscope in the detection application of precision hardware products!

JEET technology intelligent endoscope in the detection application of precision hardware products!

Nov 24,2020
Hardware products are auxiliary and accessory finished products used in daily life and industrial production. According to the "Analysis Report on the Development Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning of China's Hardware Industry", in 2010, my country's hardware industry saw rapid recovery growth throughout the year. Generally speaking, the hardware products industry is operating well, domestic and foreign sales are growing rapidly, imports and exports are growing rapidly, and various economic indicators are improving rapidly. With the vigorous development of the hardware industry, the smart endoscope industry is also developing rapidly.

So what is the connection between smart endoscopes and hardware products? The editor of JEET Technology will answer you the application of industrial endoscope in precision hardware products:

For precision hardware products, the quality requirements of the products are very strict. The appearance, size, internal, structure, etc. of the product are all strictly required! Smart endoscopes, as we all know, are a kind of non-destructive testing equipment that mainly inspects the inside of products. For large hardware products, the human eye can easily see internal problems, but for small precision hardware products, it must The smart endoscope is used to detect its internal quality problems (including product internal structure, rust, burrs, etc.).

Precision hardware products are generally some precision accessories used in mechanical equipment. Due to the small internal space, people cannot directly watch it with the naked eye. The JEET smart endoscope probe can be made to a diameter of 1.8mm, which can adapt to a variety of precision Endoscope quality inspection of hardware products: for example
1. If there is a problem with the internal structure of the product, it is definitely not matched, and it is very likely that the mechanical equipment will have a large area of ​​failure;
2. It is the problem of rust. If the product is directly equipped on the mechanical equipment, it will cause the same corrosion of the equipment, causing the interruption of the mechanical operation, the product process problem, and the serious cause of personal injury and death;
3. Burr problem. If the burr inside the hardware product is not cleaned up, it will make the equipment assembly imperfect and easily cause the mechanical parts to fall. This is also a very fatal problem in equipment failure!

Therefore, it is necessary to check the quality of precision hardware products, and the detection of smart endoscopes is needed. It effectively solves the appearance of internal quality problems of precision hardware and avoids the serious safety caused by the influx of Yawei precision hardware components into downstream equipment assembly Hidden danger!