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Safety Guard of Wind Turbine-Industrial Endoscope

Safety Guard of Wind Turbine-Industrial Endoscope

Dec 2,2020
When you are driving on the road, you will often see the white wind power generator set working day and night, and there is a tool that cannot be ignored when maintaining the internal gearbox and bearings of the wind power, that is, the industrial endoscope.

1. Super oleophobic lens of endoscope

There is often a lot of lubricating oil inside the gear box. Lubricating oil helps the gears run more smoothly, and of course it also brings troubles to endoscopy. JEET technology endoscope has a professional oil-proof optical adapter, which can make engineers' work more effective.

Generally, the endoscope is contaminated with oil stains and the front end is blurred, and the picture cannot be seen clearly. You must pull out the insertion tube and wipe it clean before entering. Not only is it time-consuming and laborious, but also oil stains will be re-contaminated after entering.

The purely physical oleophobic lens has a professional oleophobic channel at the front. You don't need to take it out after being contaminated with oil stains. The lens can clean itself after a few seconds. Not only the picture is clear as before, the inspection efficiency is also greatly enhanced than ordinary endoscopes.

The groove on the oil-proof optical adapter of JEET Technology can quickly drain oil, keep the image clear and visible, and avoid detection interruption

2. WIDER high dynamic range observation method

Gears and bearings have smooth surfaces, and the light source and software of general endoscopes may be powerless to deal with similar mirror surfaces. The ultra-portable endoscope developed by JEET Technology for wind power is not only portable, but also has ultra-high resolution. With the current WIDER high dynamic range observation method, the exposure is more uniform, and the details of dark parts and reflective positions are undoubtedly revealed. Degree to get a clear picture.

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