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Application case of industrial endoscope used to detect freight train bearings and sleeper rails

Application case of industrial endoscope used to detect freight train bearings and sleeper rails

Feb 21,2021
The industrial endoscope is a visual inspection equipment that integrates advanced technologies in various fields such as electronics, optics, and machinery. The front end can be bent and steered through the probe and the pipeline part, which can effectively extend the visual distance and change the direction of the line of sight. Users can intuitively and accurately observe the true conditions of various industrial products or the inner surface of the equipment through the display screen to check whether there are defects and foreign objects without disassembling or stopping the equipment. It is a practical and simple inspection tool. The following introduces an application case of endoscope products in railway inspection.

Railway freight is an important means of transporting goods. Daily maintenance of railway freight trains can eliminate traffic hazards in time and ensure their normal operation. At the same time, it can also reduce maintenance costs and extend service life. In the process of maintenance, it is necessary to use various tools and equipment to inspect the train in many aspects. Industrial endoscope is one of the visual inspection tools, which has the characteristics of intuitive images and simple operation.

Recently, we have adopted the JEET 3D measurement high-definition industrial endoscope to inspect the bearing at the bottom of the train and the sleeper rail of the freight train, and achieved good inspection results. Bearings are an important part of freight trains. When the train is running at high speed, the bearings rotate at high speed. The quality of this part is very important and directly affects the normal operation and safety of the vehicle. The sleeper rail is an important part of the railway bottom structure and plays an important role in maintaining the overall stability. The internal bearings and sleeper rails of freight trains may be worn out due to long-term oxidation, friction, intrusion of hard particles or pitting corrosion during use. Industrial endoscopes can perform inspection operations without damaging the bearings and view their internals. According to the internal surface wear, cracks, oxidation, foreign matter, etc., determine whether the train's operating status meets safety standards. In addition to visually displaying images, as well as taking pictures and videos, this product can qualitatively measure the size of defects and has a more precise measurement function. After multiple measurement experiments on site, the error can be controlled within five thousandths. Belongs to the leading level.

JEET is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial endoscopes. It has served a large number of large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, and brought more convenience to customers' inspection work. After being introduced to the market, the F series of high-definition industrial endoscopes for three-dimensional measurement, which represents a higher level of industrial endoscopes, has won extensive attention from customers. Welcome to consult and understand.