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Analysis of the specific advantages of industrial endoscope in equipment state detection

Analysis of the specific advantages of industrial endoscope in equipment state detection

Apr 23,2021
In the machinery manufacturing industry, industrial endoscope is often used to pursue product excellence. With the help of this special inspection tool, people can check whether the machine is worn more carefully. For the industry with high precision requirements, it is difficult to observe whether the product is qualified with naked eye. With the help of endoscope, people can narrow the field of vision and expand small parts. For technical personnel, professional technology is the foundation. At the same time, we must combine the use of tools, strengthen the ability of specific work, realize the best combination of human and machine, and become a real technical talent.

Automobile endoscope

Compared with other testing tools of mechanical equipment, industrial endoscope has many advantages. One of the most obvious advantages is that the industrial endoscope can record the examination process dynamically. In addition to carefully positioning the product components in the test site, it can also record the actual inspection situation, which is convenient for the equipment maintenance personnel to use the electronic display to observe the field fault. This technical breakthrough makes up for the defect that can't be recorded in previous product testing. The purpose of dynamic recording is realized. In addition to a better record of product wear, it also brings great help to analyze the causes of wear. The use of endoscopic equipment will greatly contribute to the process of checking product quality and improve work efficiency.

In the process of static detection, for some complex wear conditions, it is difficult to determine the cause of wear immediately, which brings great trouble to the subsequent maintenance work. Using industrial endoscope, it is easy to collect dynamic inspection process records. With the help of dynamic recording technicians, we can repeatedly observe the inspection process, accurately determine the degree and cause of wear, lay a solid foundation for maintenance work, and reduce the pressure of equipment maintenance work.

Due to the video recording function of industrial endoscope equipment, the application scope of industrial endoscope is gradually expanding today. Industrial endoscope has been used in automobile manufacturing and mechanical manufacturing in the early stage, and gradually penetrated into other fields. Aerospace, petrochemical and other fields have also made great progress, and become the most frequently used detection tools. Another major advantage of industrial endoscope is its accurate measurement function, which can measure the size of the object to be detected. Accurate measurement is one of the advantages of endoscopy. With this function, the maintenance scope can be divided more accurately during the maintenance period, and the maintenance work becomes simpler after the scope is reduced. Making full use of the advantages of industrial endoscope will better improve our work efficiency and economic benefits.

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