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Application of video endoscope in thermal power plant

Application of video endoscope in thermal power plant

Jul 7,2021
With the increasing capacity of single unit of thermal power plant and the increasing pressure of boiler, in order to avoid the safety problems and economic losses caused by foreign matter plugging and explosion, the pipeline inspection in installation and operation of thermal power plant has higher requirements.

Video endoscope produced by Shenzhen JTTE Technology Co., Ltd. has many characteristics, such as modular design, compact and portable, clear imaging, simple operation, long standby time, reliable and safe, etc., and is widely used in the inspection of welding scar, weld joint and pipe cleanliness during pipeline installation in thermal power plant; It is also widely used in the pipeline plugging and corrosion inspection during power plant operation and maintenance.

During the construction and installation of thermal power plant, pollutants will be generated in the pipeline during the manufacturing, transportation and installation of the boiler, steam turbine and other core equipment, so as to reduce the cleanliness of the pipeline. During the installation of the equipment, the pipe mirror, video endoscope or crawler shall be mainly used for the inspection of all kinds of header header, drain pipe and welding scar weld and surplus.

When the equipment is running, it is necessary to maintain and clean the equipment pipeline irregularly. Endoscope can be used to detect whether there is blockage or corrosion in the equipment pipeline after long-term operation, so as to help the enterprise to deal with it as soon as possible, and effectively prevent the safety accidents caused by pipeline aging or blockage, cause injury to personnel and avoid unnecessary economic losses.