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Illumination requirements for industrial endoscope testing

Illumination requirements for industrial endoscope testing

Jul 28,2021
1. Lighting conditions

Endoscope detection mostly uses its own light source for illumination. Under normal conditions, it is required that the color temperature of the lighting source detected by the endoscope shall not be less than 5600k, and the lighting intensity shall not be less than 2600lm. Only when the color temperature of the endoscope meets the requirements can accurate color restoration be ensured. The color temperature is low, the color temperature is cold, and the color temperature is high, the color temperature is warm.

The surface color temperature of the same object changes from high to low

2. Reflectivity of object surface

Different object surfaces have different reflectivity, which is related to the material and surface roughness of the detected object. For example, the polished aluminum casting is tested, and its surface is very smooth, like a mirror, with high reflectivity. At this time, when using general light intensity lighting, you can only see a piece of white. You should use a light source with lower light intensity for lighting or have automatic light source adjustment. Therefore, the intensity of endoscope illumination should be selected according to the specific situation in order to obtain clear and useful results.

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