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What environmental factors should be paid attention to when using an industrial endoscope?

What environmental factors should be paid attention to when using an industrial endoscope?

Aug 11,2022

The industrial endoscope is an NDT instrument integrating electronic technology, optics, precision machinery, and micro camera technology,which is mainly used to detect equipment and parts that cannot or are difficult to be observed by the human eye, such as pipes, machinery, and automobiles,which helps the inspector to quickly and accurately identify and judge defects. Industrial endoscope manufacturers have developed a large number of endoscope products. At present, the industrial endoscope has been widely used in the power industry, aviation industry, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, and other fields, and has become the main tool of nondestructive testing.


With the progress of manufacturing technology, industrial endoscopes are gradually developing towards compactness and portability. They can work in narrow spaces, high places to climb, and in complex environments such as the field, which brings great convenience to the detection work. The ability of the industrial endoscope to adapt to the harsh environment is becoming stronger and stronger, but because it is a kind of precision instrument, environmental factors that need to be paid attention to when using an industrial endoscope, it is mainly shown in temperature and humidity, brightness, surrounding electromagnetic field and bending degree of pipeline environment, which are briefly described below.

1. The ambient light shall be as soft as possible. When the industrial endoscope is used for detection, it is usually not carried out under strong light (such as direct sunlight at noon), because too bright light will reduce the resolution of human eyes and affect the contrast of the detection image, resulting in inaccurate measurement results. Generally, the indoor environment with soft and quiet light shall be selected as far as possible.

2. Avoid strong electromagnetic field interference. The industrial endoscope is electronic equipment. If there is strong electromagnetic interference and violent voltage fluctuation around the inspection site, it may have adverse effects on the inspection equipment and the equipment cannot work normally.

3. The bending degree of the pipeline environment should not be too large. During the internal detection of the pipeline, the bending degree of the pipeline should be known first to avoid folding the probe into a shape smaller than its bending radius during use. Otherwise, the probe may be damaged, which will affect the smooth progress of testing.

4. The temperature and humidity shall meet the use requirements of the endoscope equipment, otherwise it is easy to damage the equipment. temperature is too low to cause the flexible probe to become hard and brittle, and the temperature is too high to affect the heat dissipation of the equipment. In particular, if the probe needs to be inserted into the interior of the detection object, the temperature of the internal detection area must be lower than the maximum temperature that the probe can withstand, or the probe assembly will be damaged. Similarly, if the environmental humidity is too high, the operation of the industrial endoscope will also be affected.

In the process of using the industrial endoscope, in addition to the correct operation according to the instructions, attention should also be paid to the requirements of the above environmental factors. Only in this way can we give full play to the function of the industrial endoscope, successfully finish the detection task, extend the service life of the industrial endoscope, and ensure the accuracy of the detection results.

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