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Industrial Endoscopes In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial Endoscopes In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Oct 28,2022
The main role of the endoscope is the human eye can not identify the internal pipeline, instrumentation and equipment and internal inspection, mainly to check the pipeline and weld surface for cracks, white spots, sand eyes, porosity and slag, etc..

  Food, pharmaceutical engineering construction pipeline welding at the slightest carelessness, there may be serious consequences. Clean pipeline in the equipment is an important part of the pharmaceutical production process, is an important carrier for the transmission of various media in the production process of food and medicine. At present, the aseptic clean pipeline are made of stainless steel, using the most advanced laser welding process.

HD industrial endoscope

  GMP, FDA certification and pharmaceutical production processes have extremely strict requirements for the quality of pipeline welds. Such as injection water pipeline, material pipeline, pure steam pipeline, etc., are required to provide a good environment for its non-polluting, corrosion-resistant, clean interior and other media transport. This requires manufacturers and construction units must provide qualified products that meet the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

  Industrial endoscope as an important testing instrument for nondestructive testing, in order to ensure the quality of pipeline welding, to provide strong support for the detection of the external surface of the welded parts. Can achieve nondestructive testing without disassembly or destruction of the assembly and equipment stop running, can be inspected for problematic parts of the photo, video, so as to carry out the field of view target monitoring, recording, storage and image analysis to make inspection reports.

Video Endoscope

  1. Direct view, side view dual-lens integrated model, in the detection of pipeline weld straight, side view a key switch, more convenient detection
  2. high-definition pixels, photo, video 1080P, 450,000, 1 million, 2 million pixels can be selected.
  3. image ultra-clear display, resolution up to 1920 * 1080.
  4. screen change, display, pipeline independent module design, 3.5-inch and 5.7-inch display optional, 5.7-inch display support touch operation, operation more intelligent and convenient