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Analysis Of The Scope Of Industrial Endoscopy Inspection From A Professional Point Of View

Analysis Of The Scope Of Industrial Endoscopy Inspection From A Professional Point Of View

Dec 3,2022
      When it comes to industrial endoscopy many people still have a vague understanding of it. Although it is now widely used in various fields of industry, such as energy and electricity, food and chemical pipelines, automotive repair and manufacturing, urban rail transportation, aerospace, pharmaceutical machinery and so on.

  As a widely used non-destructive testing tool, the industrial endoscope has made it possible to eliminate the need for frequent disassembly of many complex machinery and equipment, and to use a tube with a high-definition camera to reach inside the equipment and easily achieve a clear view of the internal environment. At the same time, it also improves the accuracy of equipment inspection, and can effectively improve the efficiency of the inspector.

  Through the introduction we all know that it is mainly used to detect industrial equipment, but the specific scope of detection is still unclear to many people. This issue JEET through a professional perspective to briefly introduce you to the scope of industrial endoscopy detection.

 industrial video'scope
  The detection range of HD industrial borescope is divided into a total of 5 aspects.

  1, weld surface defects inspection. Check the weld surface cracks, failure to weld through and weld leakage and other welding quality.
  2. Internal cavity inspection. Check the surface cracks, skinning, drawing lines, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects.
  3、Status inspection. When certain products (such as worm gear pumps, engines, etc.) are working, internal inspection is carried out according to the items specified in the technical requirements.
  4、Assembly inspection. When requested and required, the use of industrial video endoscopy to check the quality of assembly; assembly or after the completion of a process, check whether the assembly position of each component part is in line with the requirements of the drawings or technical conditions; whether there are assembly defects.
  5、Excess matter inspection. Check the product cavity residual internal debris, foreign objects and other redundancies.
  Industrial endoscope due to its special size design allows us not to damage the surface of the object being inspected, easy and accurate observation of the object's internal surface structure or working condition.
  Industrial endoscope can also be used for high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and the human eye can not directly observe the inspection and observation of the site, on the other hand, industrial endoscope can also be connected with a camera, camera or electronic computer to form a photographic, video and image processing system, so that the field of view of the target monitoring, recording, storage and image analysis, to provide a good guarantee for diagnosis and processing.
  In summary, it can be noted that the detection, application range, and application environment of industrial endoscopy is very powerful. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a veritable inspection "magic weapon" in the hands of the inspector.