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Application of industrial endoscope in aerospace industry

Application of industrial endoscope in aerospace industry

Aug 27,2020

As we all know, industrial endoscopes can perform non-destructive testing without disassembling or destroying the assembly and equipment shutdown, improving work efficiency. Therefore, modern core industries such as aerospace and aerospace will use industrial endoscopes as daily inspections.

With the rapid development of the aerospace industry, New Vision Industrial Endoscope has also proved its influence in this field.

There are roughly three applications for industrial endoscope equipment in the field of aviation maintenance: engine inspection, fuselage inspection and foreign body damage inspection. In airframe inspection, industrial endoscopes mainly detect delamination in front flaps, cable attachments, hoses and wires in right-angle levers, in spars, and in complex aircraft. Industrial endoscopes can also help read ID plates and part numbers on parts, check for loose nuts and bolts, check compass compartments on large aircraft, and find fuel and other liquid leaks.

In actual aerospace applications, the importance of industrial endoscopy is reflected in two aspects: safety and benefits. On the other hand, endoscopy can detect damage to the engine and internal components as soon as possible, thereby eliminating safety hazards. In the early stage, endoscopy can eliminate the need to disassemble the engine to reduce or avoid financial and property losses, thereby saving a lot of time, labor, transportation costs and maintenance costs. And, while reducing other costs and effects, it can also improve the operation of the engine. JEET Industrial Endoscopy is a high-tech inspection method that can understand its internal structure without disassembling the engine. It has been proven to be an important technical tool for the development of the aerospace industry.