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Visual inspection helper of the 59th Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition

Visual inspection helper of the 59th Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition

Nov 9,2020
The 59th (Autumn 2020) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and 2020 (Autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo closed successfully on November 5, 2020.
Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with professional endoscopic video detection solutions. For the pharmaceutical industry, Shenzhen JEET Technology brings long-distance pipeline detection high-brightness endoscopes, direct-view side-view integration & far focus near focus The integrated split portable endoscopes, million high-definition endoscopes and other products provide efficient solutions to solve the problem of difficult detection of pipeline cleanliness, pipeline welding difficult to observe with the naked eye, and narrow gaps that are difficult to see.

1. JEET THX Series Million HD Endoscope
Millions of high-definition image effects, intuitive and effective inspection of welds, switching negative image modes, clearer texture.

2. JEET F series split portable endoscope
10.1 inch 1920×1200 large touch screen, shoulder-mounted split design, upgradeable 3D measuring endoscope.

3. JEET Long-distance Highlight Endoscope
The detection conditions of pipes of different lengths and diameters are complex, 10 meters + still 360° flexible steering, high-bright light source, not afraid of large spaces.

Shenzhen JEET's rich and diverse product line can be configured with 3.5-inch and 5.1-inch IPS full-view displays, and compatible with 2.0mm/2.2mm/2.8mm/3.9mm/4.2mm/6.0mm/8.0mm direct and side view , Direct side view integrated pipeline system, the product almost meets the needs of various inspection sites.