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The advantages of industrial endoscopes used in pipe welding and mechanical casting industries!

The advantages of industrial endoscopes used in pipe welding and mechanical casting industries!

Nov 4,2020
As we all know, welding is a common production process and plays a very important role in modern technology. For example, electricity, special inspections, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, aerospace, automobiles, etc. are all produced by welding. In today's manufacturing industry that requires high-end, precision and cutting-edge requirements, once defects occur in welding production, the consequences will be unimaginable.

If in welding production, due to structural design and raw materials that do not meet the requirements, various defects will appear in welding. For example, the existence of defects such as pores, lack of fusion, blockage of foreign bodies, undercuts, etc., will not only seriously affect product quality, performance and life span, but even endanger people's lives and property. Therefore, the quality control of the welding process is inseparable from the inspection of the welding object. It has become an indispensable link in welding manufacturing, factory inspection and product acceptance.

In the welding process quality inspection, the industrial endoscope has become an important tool for welding non-destructive inspection. Welding defects can be detected through industrial endoscopes, can be recorded during observation, can also be photographed and stored, and then can be directly played back on the screen, or can be connected to a computer for observation, and can analyze the cause, location, and defect position. The status quo, solve existing problems in time. Therefore, industrial endoscopes have become one of the indispensable non-destructive testing tools in the quality control of welding processes.

In order to test in the mechanical casting industry, the required test tools must be compact and flexible. Since many inspection objects are relatively small holes, the inspection tools need to be smaller and flexibly inserted. The industrial endoscope has the above-mentioned characteristics, and the video display can be more intuitive and clear, and the blind holes and staggered holes inside the casting unit are also very clear.

In short, the emergence of industrial endoscopes provides effective and reliable testing equipment for safety inspections. JEET is the leading brand of home endoscopes. Through the Jietai industrial endoscope, the field of vision of the inspector can be expanded, and important parts can be inspected, so as to truly realize safe production, and the inspection will not leave a dead end.

JEET Technology welcomes consultation and cooperation with the welding departments of electric power, special inspection, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace, automobile and many mechanical casting units to jointly promote the application of industrial endoscopes in pipe welding and mechanical casting industries.