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Which lighting method is better for industrial endoscopes?

Which lighting method is better for industrial endoscopes?

Jan 6,2021
Want to know whether the industrial endoscope should choose LED lighting or fiber optic lighting, we first need to understand what is LED lighting and fiber optic lighting?

1. LED lighting is light-emitting diode lighting, which is a semiconductor solid light-emitting device. It uses a solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material. In the semiconductor, the excess energy is emitted by the recombination of carriers to cause photon emission, which directly emits red, yellow, blue, and green light. On this basis, the principle of three primary colors is used. Add phosphor to emit light of any color.

2. Optical fiber lighting refers to the transmission through optical fiber conductors, which can transmit the light source to any area. It is a high-tech lighting technology that has emerged in recent years. Optical fiber is the abbreviation of optical fiber. The application of optical fiber has entered a mature stage, and it is widely used in the field of high-speed transmission.

In the field of industrial endoscopes, the more common ones are front-mounted LED lighting and rear-mounted fiber-optic conduction lighting, so what is the difference between them on the endoscope?

The front LED lighting of the industrial endoscope is composed of LED lamp beads. The LED lamp bead is attached to the front probe of the industrial endoscope. The advantage of the front LED lamp is low cost, relatively simple installation process and high cost performance.

The rear fiber optic lighting uses a fiber bundle to transmit the light source inside the host to the front probe through the fiber. It is not easy to generate heat, and the brightness of the fiber lighting is also very high. The brightness of the fiber lighting of the general industrial endoscope can reach more than 10w+.

As for which light source to choose, it depends on your budget and needs. The industrial endoscopes independently developed and produced by Jietai can be selected with front LED light source and rear fiber optic light source for selection, and can also be customized Diameter probes, different pipeline lengths, and different functions. Jietai can provide professional video inspection solutions for you to choose. You are welcome to contact us at any time.