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Industrial endoscope inspection service application in the field of bridges and construction!

Industrial endoscope inspection service application in the field of bridges and construction!

Mar 8,2021
Since the establishment of JEET Technology, the company has steadily developed technology, constantly insisted on independent innovation, and actively carried out endoscope product design and endoscope technology research. After years of hard work, the R&D team has developed a variety of brand-new industrial endoscope products, which have been recognized by many customers at home and abroad. JEET industrial endoscopes can be seen in the field of bridges and construction.

Whether building skyscrapers, public facilities, or building ordinary houses and residences, various types of buildings are not only expensive, but also require regular maintenance and maintenance, just like our machinery and equipment need regular maintenance. But buildings have their own characteristics according to their different functions.

JEET's full range of industrial endoscope products and related solutions can help building operation and maintenance personnel understand the internal structure of the building, the insulation of electrical equipment, pipes and pressure vessels, the corrosion defects and air tightness of windows, and the installation of doors. The operation of the floor heating system, the operation of the air conditioning system and the operation of the smoke exhaust system should promptly discover potential equipment failures and defects, promptly repair and solve them, and prevent problems before they occur.

JEET is committed to the technical research and development of industrial endoscopes, and has independently developed a variety of industry-leading visual inspection products, which have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad. In the fields of industry and manufacturing, China is already on the path of rapid development. Facing a broader global market, we are confident that in the future, we will provide customers in more countries with better quality industrial endoscopes, and allow more customers to use JEET’s test products for industrial manufacturing and quality control , Testing and maintenance. You are welcome to consult and understand.