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Application direction of industrial endoscope in automobile industry

Application direction of industrial endoscope in automobile industry

Aug 28,2021
Industrial endoscope is a high-tech product based on nondestructive testing developed in petrochemical, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic, aerospace and other industries.

Industrial endoscope integrates optical, mechanical, electronic and image processing software. The invention provides a high-resolution color display or USB interface, which is easy to carry, and the observed image is clearer, so that the operator can freeze, enlarge, analyze, measure and print the flaw detection part of the inner wall of the pipeline with the help of a unique professional software processing system, which greatly improves the accuracy of judging the flaw detection part of the inner wall of the pipeline. Let's take a look at how industrial endoscopes are used in the automotive industry.

For the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engine, industrial endoscope is also an indispensable tool in daily management. The operation method is simple, flexible and easy to carry. The soft, slender and flexible insertion tube can detect the places we want to detect but can not be seen by the naked eye.

Automobile endoscope is widely used in automobile production and maintenance industry. It is mainly used to detect and diagnose the wear, carbon deposition and blockage of automobile engine, cylinder, oil pressure parts, oil pipe, engine, muffler, transmission and air conditioning system, differential, water tank, oil tank and gearbox, so as to improve work efficiency, reduce maintenance cost and avoid damage caused by repeated disassembly and assembly of parts.

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