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Hand held industrial endoscope is the most ideal tool for nondestructive testing

Hand held industrial endoscope is the most ideal tool for nondestructive testing

Apr 30,2021
Nondestructive testing technology is an indispensable and effective tool for industrial development, which reflects the industrial development level of a country to a certain extent. As one of the basic technologies of modern industry, NDT technology plays an increasingly important role in ensuring product quality and engineering quality.

1、 What is nondestructive testing

The so-called nondestructive testing refers to the general term of all technical means of using the characteristics of sound, light, magnetism and electricity, and without damage or influence on its performance, to detect whether the tested object has defects or inhomogeneity, and gives information about the size, position, nature and quantity of defects, and then judge the technical status of the tested object (such as whether it is qualified or not, remaining life, etc.)

2、 Common nondestructive analysis and testing technology

Visual inspection (VT), RT, UT, MT, Pt, et, at, TIR, lt, acfmt, MFL, RFT, etc.

Today we focus on hand-held visual inspection (VT) devices

Hand held industrial endoscope

Jet hand held industrial endoscope is an ideal testing tool in nondestructive testing, which is used to detect the defects of the object being tested. It can be widely used in special inspection institutions, power system, after-sales market of automobile, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, rail transit, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical machinery, die casting, pipeline container, construction engineering, aerospace, criminal investigation, explosion-proof security inspection, military equipment and other fields.

The design of the economic integrated hand-held product makes it easier to operate by one hand. In order to make it more convenient for students to use in special education environment, the function of structure design of detachable super magnetic material adsorption base is added. It can be upright, flat and adsorbed on metal medium, so that you can easily and effectively respond to various methods to detect the working environment and free your hands. The technology of Jietai hand-held industrial endoscope uses a new type of high-strength titanium alloy probe, which has 100 times more wear resistance than ordinary stainless steel, which solves the main problems of probe wear which are difficult to overcome in use by these users. The strength of sapphire protection lens of endoscope is 8 times of that of ordinary quartz lens and 20 times of tempered glass. It has the anti impact, fall and scratch resistance, so as to avoid secondary pollution damage of the inspected equipment. And has a strong guidance system function.