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Introduction of casting endoscope

Introduction of casting endoscope

May 8,2021
The quality control of casting industry is more and more strict, the requirements of castings are higher and higher, and the output is higher and higher. Traditional industrial endoscope can not meet the needs of detection. The introduction of casting endoscope can improve the production efficiency, improve the rate of high-quality products, reduce the working intensity and reduce the cost of purchase and maintenance of the testing equipment.

The casting endoscope is mainly used for casting automobile parts, hydraulic casting, pump valve casting, mechanical parts casting and pipe parts casting device. For example, check the quality control of sand inclusion, residue, burr, cross hole, air hole and crack of casting.

JEET cast endoscope:

1. the host is suitable for various working tables, and a hanging type or table type can be selected; At the same time, we have done three prevention treatment, mould proof, moisture prevention, salt spray prevention, suitable for some complex work and living environment.

2. the pipeline can be replaced freely, and the machine is used more frequently, saving the equipment cost.

3. provide various diameters for different pipe diameter / bore castings.

It can be used for casting of complex structure such as straight hole, bending hole and ring hole.

5. the pipe has super wear resistance and ensures its service life.

6. the front led and rear LED lighting are optional, and a lighting control mode is selected according to the casting of different materials.

7. super stable, 24 hours online use.

8. the operation is simple and reduces the working intensity of inspectors.