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Detection of pipeline blockage by pipeline endoscope and its solution

Detection of pipeline blockage by pipeline endoscope and its solution

May 19,2021
We pipe water, gas, oil and so on every day. Pipelines are buried underground all year round, and when they fail, people don't know anything. Therefore, in order to better serve us, we have set up a pipeline endoscope, which is an auxiliary tool. Its purpose is only to detect the fault of the pipeline. If we want to repair the pipeline, we need professional personnel and equipment maintenance work.

Common pipeline faults and maintenance methods:

The pipeline endoscope can easily detect the position of pipeline blockage. There are mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and high pressure water cleaning methods to deal with pipe blockage.

Mechanical cleaning method (including manual cleaning method by using simple analysis tools) can effectively remove all dirt, especially insoluble dirt such as sand, coking matter and some silicates, and has no corrosion to pipeline metal structure materials, but its efficiency is far less than chemical cleaning method.

Chemical washing is a method to remove dirt by using the action of chemical solution and inner wall of pipeline. After the chemical substance reacts with the dirt, rinse it with clean water. When chemical cleaning is used, the amount of chemicals must be controlled. If the amount is too much, the pipeline will be corroded; If the dosage is too small, the dirt can not be removed, so it should be used carefully.

High pressure flow impact descaling can be used to clean the inner wall of pipe and the outer space of tube bundle. The sand jet with fine quartz sand can further enhance the scouring ability of water flow. If there is dirt in the pipeline, it will become soft when exposed to oil. It can also be soaked in oil first, and then cleaned with high-pressure water. High pressure water jet washing has high efficiency and does not pollute the environment.