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Application of Jietai tube endoscope

Application of Jietai tube endoscope

May 15,2021
Pipelines are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, energy and environmental protection industries. In our daily life, tap water, optical cable, sewage, etc. They are closely related to underground pipelines. It can be said that pipelines are indispensable in urban life and industrial life.

However, the transmission of high-temperature, high-pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic media in the pipeline, once the leakage or explosion occurs, may lead to catastrophic accidents, therefore, it is necessary to detect the preemptive strike. Endoscope detection technology is a widely used detection technology with the development of endoscope manufacturing technology in recent years.

Industrial endoscope is designed to meet the requirements of complex industrial environment. It plays an increasingly important role in petrochemical, industrial machinery, electronics, aerospace and other fields. Pipeline endoscope is one of the most commonly used endoscopes, which is mainly used for pipeline detection.

The complexity of pipeline detection environment also has special requirements for the selection of detection instruments. Due to the different length of the pipeline, in a completely dark environment, industrial endoscope needs to detect the judgment and location of the blockage in the pipeline, or determine whether the welding quality in the pipeline meets the requirements, which puts forward higher requirements for the pipeline endoscope.

Because the pipeline endoscope has to go through the pipeline with different length of time, and even needs us to turn for many times, when choosing a channel, we should choose to be as close as possible to the detection position that needs to be improved, and choose the channel with the shortest length for the enterprise to enter, so as to effectively reduce the number and degree of bending of the probe.

The factors that need to be considered are: lighting conditions, object surface reflectance, image distortion, resolution, magnification, minimum detectable defect, channel, probe position and angle.

Pipeline endoscopy can greatly save labor management costs, time costs, material production costs, etc. without dismantling the pipeline, it can quickly develop and efficiently find solutions to the problems, greatly reduce the waste of human and material resources, at the same time, we can get great protection of personal safety, avoid causing huge economic losses.

After years of development, JEET  technology's pipeline endoscope has realized the mode of independent research and development, independent production and multi-channel sales. The company can customize various types of industrial pipeline endoscope, and customize the cable length or various diameter products according to the customer's requirements. At present, it is in the leading position in the industry.