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What are industrial endoscopes mainly used to detect?

What are industrial endoscopes mainly used to detect?

May 28,2021
With the development of industry, industrial endoscope is playing a more and more important role. What is industrial endoscope mainly used to detect? Next, jeet will join us.

1. Check the internal condition of the object. Check for surface cracks, spots, impurities, corrosion and dimensions.

2. The internal environment detection of the object is mainly through the relevant analysis and detection of the cracks, wire drawing, scratches, bulges, foreign bodies, corrosion and other defects on the internal surface of the object, so as to avoid accidents.

3. For weld quality problems, surface inspection, surface inspection mainly through cracks, for example, some weld surface can be measured and observed, while some are not welded well, analysis and inspection are carried out for these problems.

4. Foreign matter detection in pipeline. Mainframe usually runs for a long time, and a large number of foreign matters, residues and other redundant garbage are accumulated inside. If not cleaned up in time, it is easy to cause many years of tube explosion and other security risks.

5. Carry out non-destructive test on some mechanical parts.

6. Corrosion problem: under the light in front of the endoscope, magnify the unsmooth surface of some important parts, and then observe the tiny inhomogeneous corrosion.