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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of industrial endoscope

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of industrial endoscope

Jun 2,2021
Now there are too many industrial endoscopes on the market, and the appearance and other aspects of the problem are almost the same, so consumers must pay attention to distinguish good from bad when buying, otherwise they will be deceived. Next, JEET will discuss how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of industrial endoscope.

First, camera definition

Inferior industrial endoscopes generally only dare to detect in strong light environment, dare not use in dark places.

Second, probe waterproof

The inferior industrial endoscope is not waterproof, the probe will become unclear in the water, and the video will be blurred; High quality industrial endoscope is waterproof, even if it is placed in water, it will not affect the probe, and the video is still clear.

Third, the probe is oil proof

High quality industrial endoscope technology has oil proof function. The inferior industrial endoscope without anti oil treatment will be damaged after many oil stains.

Fourth, turn

The internal structure of endoscope is complex and needs omni-directional rotation inspection. Inferior products do not have this function.

Fifth, camera protection

Camera is the core of industrial endoscope. The real endoscope camera is made of high specification titanium alloy, while the inferior endoscope camera is packaged with iron, which is easy to damage.

Sixth, endoscope pipeline materials

Inferior endoscope is usually assembled with wire or bicycle brake line, which is easy to break, rust and damage. High quality industrial endoscope tube and wire are made of stainless steel or tungsten metal.

Seventh, battery

In order to save cost, inferior industrial endoscopes use leaky and explosive lithium iron batteries, while high-quality industrial endoscopes use polymer high-capacity batteries with long working hours and safety.

Eighth, system

The inferior consumption pole system for industrial endoscope has many faults and is unstable, which is greatly affected by environmental interference; The high-quality industrial endoscope can successfully complete the task no matter how bad the social environment is by using the electronic industrial embedded control system.

Ninth, after sales service

Inferior industrial endoscope is a one-time consumption, or the use time is not long, which not only wastes money and material resources, but also prolongs the repair time, and the choice of high-quality industrial endoscope after-sales is safer and saves time.