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Advantages of industrial endoscopes for automotive inspection

Advantages of industrial endoscopes for automotive inspection

Jun 25,2021
Industrial endoscope is a new nondestructive testing instrument which integrates optics, precision machinery, electronic machinery, electronic technology and micro camera technology. Traditional non-destructive testing methods can not detect non-point surface defects. Optical fiber is used to transmit illumination light, micro camera and video signal. After processing and amplification, the video signal is sent to the display for imaging. On the basis of clear image, the defect condition is observed and analyzed by many people at the same time.

In the auto repair industry, it has become a trend to use industrial endoscope as a testing tool for nondestructive testing. It can not only adapt to the complex working environment, but also contribute to green maintenance. With the rapid development of science and technology, increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the popularity and application of endoscopy, we should pay attention to!

The application of industrial endoscope in automobile inspection is a new application direction of endoscope. It is suitable for automobile engine, fuel tank, brake system and other parts that cannot be seen directly by naked eyes. The following domestic industrial endoscope brand JEET will give you a detailed introduction of the advantages of the industrial endoscope used to detect automobiles.

In the field of automobile maintenance, industrial endoscope has many advantages

1. The operation is simple, flexible, light, soft, tender and flexible, and the intubation can reach the concealed parts that need to be checked.

2. The operation is simple, intuitive and accurate, which can simplify the maintenance procedure; It can find out the damage of the parts in the car as soon as possible, which is conducive to the elimination of the hidden danger of car safety in the embryonic stage.

3. At the same time of reducing maintenance costs, avoid damage caused by multiple disassembly of multiple components.

TQ 360° Automobile endoscope is mainly used to detect automobile engine, which greatly reduces the maintenance time and cost, and also avoids the damage caused by repeated disassembly and assembly. TQ360 ° Steering vehicle endoscope can clearly check the carbon deposit and fuel nozzle of engine, and provide comprehensive test data for engine maintenance.

Automobile endoscope

In automobile performance testing, engine is one of the most important parts. At present, some engine manufacturers, such as the chamber of Commerce of engine manufacturers, are facing a problem, that is, whether the internal quality of engine products is qualified, or whether the automobile maintenance enterprises repair the internal carbon deposition and damage of automobile engines. In this case, it is not enough to judge by eyes and hearing. The vehicle endoscope is very convenient to solve this problem.