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JEET industrial endoscope power pipe maintenance!

JEET industrial endoscope power pipe maintenance!

Jun 23,2021
In the process of factory production, pipeline transmission is essential, so the daily maintenance is also a work that cannot be careless. But most of the pipes are slender, so it is impossible for human eyes to observe it. At this time, the pipe endoscope is needed to enter the pipeline to help the maintenance personnel work.

So how should endoscopy be chosen? What parameters should be considered in the procurement of endoscopes?

In a pipe, if the diameter is thick, the field angle and focal length of the endoscope lens will affect the observation effect of the side wall of the pipe. So lens turning is an important function of the endoscope. The direction of the jeet endoscope is divided into 180 ° Steering, 360 ° The reaction speed of turning and lens steering affects the detection personnel's grasp of the internal condition of the pipeline. If you want to observe and measure a certain place, you can lock the lens with guiding damping, keep the probe locked and observe and test. At the same time, the step adjustment knob can be used to easily stay the lens in the accurate observation position.

JEET industrial endoscope 360 ° Rotate, observe zero dead angle, zero delay

If the pipe diameter is relatively small, the appropriate pipe diameter shall be selected. The standard pipe diameter is 4mm and 6mm, and the special size supports customization. In the thin pipe, the distance between the lens and the side wall is very close, and it can be observed clearly within the observation range of the lens field angle.

Due to the dim light inside the pipe, the wearing parts are different in depth, and the large depth of field is the feature of the industrial endoscope. The imaging is more stereoscopic, the front LED lamp is adjustable in 5 levels, and the rear LED lamp is auxiliary lighting to meet the diversified environment. It can also adjust exposure, screen brightness and screen contrast, and can clearly and truly see the situation in the tube.

JEET industrial endoscope can not only be used in the pipeline maintenance of the factory, but also in aerospace, anti-terrorism police, automobile maintenance, etc., which can be used for rapid maintenance where human ability cannot see, and also makes important contributions to visual communication!

In terms of image clarity and measurement accuracy, JEET industrial endoscope has no inferior color in the competition with some international brands, while it has a greater advantage in price and after-sales service, and the influence of enterprise brand has been greatly improved. The company always insists on customer first, honest management, provides users with multi-faceted, better quality products and technical testing services.