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Application Of Industrial Endoscope In Railway Engineering

Application Of Industrial Endoscope In Railway Engineering

Aug 14,2021
Industrial endoscope is applied in the development, maintenance and repair of railway engineering vehicles and transport vehicles. How is industrial endoscope applied in the railway industry? JEET industrial endoscope today shares with you the specific application of industrial endoscope in railway engineering.
Railway is a large-scale engineering construction. With the development of society, railway construction should not only ensure quality, but also ensure efficiency. Ensure that the railway can be put into use on time. In the maintenance and inspection of railway engineering vehicles, industrial endoscope plays a very important role. It can be used for gearbox inspection, traction motor inspection, hollow shaft inspection, carbon deposition detection of internal combustion engine, etc.

The biggest difference from other NDT methods is that it can directly reflect the internal and external surface conditions of the tested object without judging the existence of defects through data comparison or the skills and experience of testers. At the same time of detection, industrial endoscope equipment can also be used for dynamic video recording or video recording of the whole detection process, quantitative analysis of the found defects, and measurement of defect length, area and other data.

In general, industrial endoscope detection is widely used in the railway industry, involving different fields such as the development, maintenance and repair of railway engineering vehicles and transport vehicles, and even railway infrastructure, such as bridge and tunnel construction and maintenance. For the maintenance of railway vehicles, the main applications of industrial endoscope include gearbox, hollow axle, motor, bogie side frame, bolster and shock absorber spring, air conditioning and ventilation system detection, etc.

In other industries, industrial endoscope detection is also applied to different fields and plays different roles. JEET industrial endoscope will continue to share other applications of industrial endoscope with you. Interested friends can pay attention to it!