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How to solve the inflexible guidance of industrial endoscope

How to solve the inflexible guidance of industrial endoscope

Sep 3,2021
In the detection process of industrial endoscope, its implementation process is the result of the cooperation of multiple functional parts. Among them, the imaging clarity determines whether the defect can be found, and the guidance function affects the defect search speed. Probe guidance is very important to the detection efficiency, but sometimes the probe guidance becomes insensitive and inflexible in use. This paper introduces a method to solve the inflexible probe guidance of industrial video endoscope.

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First, let's look at the guiding principle. The inspector manipulates the guide lever on the industrial endoscope, and the guide joint at the front end of the probe can bend in different directions, so as to realize the probe guidance. How is this long-distance operation "remote control"? It is important that the guide wire connecting the handset and the guide connector, such as the tungsten wire used in JEET industrial endoscope, has better ductility. The control of the guide lever makes the tightness of different metal wires different, so as to pull the guide snake bone in the corresponding direction.

The guide wire is usually encapsulated in the guide channel of the probe wire, usually with a diameter of only a few millimeters, and other cables are installed in the middle, so the space of the guide channel is very compact, there is also close contact between the wires, and there is also close contact between the wires. In order to reduce the friction during the guide operation and make the guide rail more smooth.

Here, you may have guessed the reason why the probe guidance is not flexible. It is true that the use of solid toner and other lubricating powders is to reduce the guiding friction. At first, the lubricating powder is evenly distributed, but with the passage of time, long-term use will cause the accumulation of toner and indirectly lead to the attenuation of the guiding angle, which is described at the beginning. In this case, there is no need to panic and eliminate the inducement of the problem. Shaking the probe is an effective solution, which can make the lubricating powder evenly distributed again and restore the guiding performance.

The specific operation instructions of the shaking probe are as follows: generally, two people need to cooperate. One person holds the lower part of the guide joint tightly, and the other holds the root of the probe and gently swings left and right for several times. Please note that do not squeeze the guide joint, because the guide joint is relatively soft, and manual force may reduce the guide life of the equipment.

I believe you have mastered the solution to the inflexibility of the industrial endoscope seeker. Generally speaking, in daily equipment inspection and in the detection process, if similar problems are found in the detection process, you can try to solve this problem with the solution of shaking the probe. If there is no improvement, it is recommended that you check whether the probe wire is extruded, deformed or damaged as soon as possible, and contact Shenzhen JEET industrial endoscope for maintenance.