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Precautions For Industrial Videoscope Use

Precautions For Industrial Videoscope Use

Nov 5,2021
1. Do not bend the probe in the end of tube by hands, instead control the bending angle by direction handle to prevent damage 
videoscope probevideoscope probe

2. To prevent damage of tube, do not bend or knot the tube during using the videoscope. As the pictures shown below.
videoscope probevideoscope probe

3.  When the probe in the end get stuck, to prevent damage it, do not pull it out of the inspected object in force. Instead, control the probe by direction handle, and slightly put the probe out of the inspected object. 

4. Form a habit of using direction handle to control the probe.

5. Keep clean of probe, when usually using in a greasy dirt environment, cleaning the probe lens via clean cloth dipped in alcohol to avoid the greasy dirt production keep on the lens at a long time to affect the working of videoscope. 

6. Take care of the equipment, do not put a heavy object on the probe or tube when using it.
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