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Advantages Of An Industrial Videoscope

Advantages Of An Industrial Videoscope

Nov 20,2021
 Currently, an industrial videoscope is more and more used in visual testing(VT), compare to  a traditional videoscope, there are advantages as the following. 

1. An industrial videoscopes has higher display resolution, better image quality.

Compare to traditional videoscopes, JEET industrial videoscopes have apphire lens to protect mega HD camera , color IPS HD, all sight viewing angle, sunshade design. Therefore, it has  a higher display resolution and better image quality.

videoscope light source

2. An industrial videoscope is able to use in complex detection environment.

According to different detection environment and requirement, JEET industrial videoscopes have front view, side view, and front view& side view(dual cameras), different tube diameter and length to satisfy different detection requirement.

videoscope tube diameter

3. An industrial videoscope has wide angle of FOV 360°accurate articulation with joystick  design makes the inspection much easier, and the maximum bending angle  of probe for every direction is >150°. 

The maximum  bending angle of JEET industrial videoscope is>190°, and it is much easier to inspect and find out flaws details.

videoscope articulation

4. An industrial videoscope has light weight, portable,and easy to use

JEET industrial videoscopes, an inspector controls the articulation via the direction handle, easy to use by one hand, the batteries working time is ≥8 hours, and are able to inspect anytime.

5. The materials of traditional videoscope tube is stainless steel, however the materials of industrial videoscope tube is wear resistant tube.

The material of JEET industrial videoscope is wear resistant, therefore the wear resistance improve a lot, and also enhance the effective of inspection jobs. 


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