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Important Parameters Of An Industrial Videoscope.

Important Parameters Of An Industrial Videoscope.

Apr 15,2022
Important parameters of an industrial videoscope.

Technical performance is vital for an industrial videoscope, and the quality is essential which has a influence to an industrial videoscope to carry out inspection activities.

Firstly,the quality of color can be used to judge the quality of an industrial videoscope. Especially, when we see corrosion areas, welding area, flaws, we need to a high quality color images or video to identify and see clearly the flaws.

Secondly,the light source brightness automatic intelligent adjustment is also essential for a better inspection. For example, there is a lot of objects internal side are made up of metal, as the results of that, the reflect light will affect the inspection work. If  
Light source brightness can not adjust automatic, and only has manual adjustment, it will have white spots which lead to the failure of inspection work.

Thirdly, 360°articulation is also important to the inspection work. When the videoscope tube enter the internal of target inspection target.We need to no matter inspect the bottom but also inspect the top of the object. Furthermore, we meed to inspect all around, so we need 360° articulation. 

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