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What are the advantages of HD industrial endoscope?

What are the advantages of HD industrial endoscope?

May 20,2022
In industrial testing, high-definition industrial endoscope can be described as the right hand of testers, which brings great help. Many people can use this instrument to detect the places that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which can improve the efficiency of detection to a certain extent. At the same time, it will also be of great help to themselves.

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The following questions are about the advantages of HD industrial endoscope shared by JEET technology. The content analysis is as follows:

① D increase defect detection rate (POD)

With the help of HD imaging technology, inspectors can continuously improve the defect detection probability (POD) of key technical indicators such as corrosion, blockage, turbine blade coating loss and cracking by seeing more subtle differences. In particular, combined with the three-dimensional measurement technology with three-dimensional modeling ability, more efficient and accurate inspection can be realized.

② Reduce inspection time

Endoscopic inspection involves a variety of technical application research fields: compressor inspection of power plant, gasket offset inspection of turbine, inspection of heat exchanger and distillation tower, and various data applications of some other enterprises. Due to different life scenes, when the learning task of remote visual inspection is completed

There are great differences between. However, in any application, replacing the optical adapter or repeatedly adjusting the position of the probe to see more clearly will mean a slower detection speed. In particular, replacing the optical adapter may take multiple times of time just to find the defect location that has been located.

With the digital zoom system function that can be enhanced by network HD imaging, inspectors can capture clearer images, view all these data images on -- integrated handheld devices, and identify signs of less risk from further distance information. This makes the inspection faster and easier. If you can save more or less time by checking each time, the saved time management will be a significant factor in a year or even longer time cycle.

③ Reduce unnecessary economic losses or expenses

In the traditional inspection, inspectors often doubt some key problems, especially in the traditional inspection. For example, if the inspector tries to check the potential cracks in a turbine stage that are only visible in the data between the blade structures, if you can't put the detector in the right place, you may make the wrong decision and the consequences may be serious. For example, in the inspection of a large urban gas turbine, once the suspected signs are determined as defects, the turbine must be disassembled for comprehensive inspection. This process could result in nearly a week of downtime and millions of dollars in lost revenue. With clear remote vision system images on high-definition technology equipment and the ability to analyze and measure from a longer distance, inspectors can make better decisions from the beginning and reduce unnecessary economic losses.

To sum up, the method is the small editor of Shenzhen JEET technology and the advantages of HD electronic industry endoscope that you can share. I hope it will be helpful to you. If necessary, you can call the phone on the company's official website, and we will arrange professionals to better answer for you.