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Advantages of industrial video endoscope in fatigue test of civil aircraft

Advantages of industrial video endoscope in fatigue test of civil aircraft

May 28,2022
Industrial video endoscopes can be used to help human beings expand and improve their visual detection ability, and also bring good news to the fatigue test of civil aircraft. In order to make you better understand, today's editor of Shenzhen Jietai has sorted out the following examples for you. Let's have a look.
1. check the short beam of the tail (front, middle and rear)
The tail wing can help the aircraft maintain balance and assist in steering, which is very important. However, due to its poor openness, other non-destructive testing technologies can not play a role. The industrial video endoscope can clearly detect whether the short beam is cracked with a millimeter probe.

2. inspect the wing butt bolt hole
The defects in this place are usually hidden, and sometimes it is difficult to find them by means of X-ray detection. The probe of the industrial video endoscope has a guiding mechanism and real-time imaging ability, so it can carry out a more comprehensive inspection to find out whether the sealing adhesive layer is not tightly sealed due to the rupture of the sealing adhesive layer.

3. check the wing edge strip and lower wall panel
Due to process reasons, there is no way to disassemble the structure of this part, but the video probe can be placed from the wing cover to check whether there are cracks and cracks near the bolt holes.

4. wing inspection
Most of the wing girders are fixed to the fuselage at the root, and the root of the wing main shaft is also the key test object of the fatigue test. However, due to its narrow space, it is difficult to be manually tested or even undetectable. Until the application of industrial video endoscope, it has become a detectable part, so that the fatigue test can be more comprehensive.