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Application and principle of hose endoscope

Application and principle of hose endoscope

Jun 17,2022
The hose endoscope is a kind of industrial endoscope, but its application fields are different. The hose endoscope has a powerful function in investigation. It can ensure that the front-end pipeline can pass through the narrow gap under the door and window without being detected, so as to observe or monitor the internal conditions that the human eye cannot directly observe. Its concealment is excellent. The following editor of Jietai shares with you the purpose and working principle of the hose endoscope, as follows:

The hose endoscope is mostly used in the field of police. It is used for security inspection, explosive disposal, anti smuggling, criminal investigation, search and rescue and other work in major organs and units. It can be used in public security, fire protection, armed police, procuratorate, customs and other organs and units.

The hose endoscope has two advantages:

① The hose endoscope is suitable for areas with insufficient light and is not easy to be exposed, such as at night, in dark rooms, etc,

② The probe diameter of the hose endoscope is small, which can enter into the space through a narrow gap without large-area disassembly and causing great damage. It is widely applicable.

The working principle of the hose endoscope is similar to that of the electronic video endoscope. A series of photoelectric conversion is carried out through the lens at the front of the probe and the image sensor, and finally the electrical signal is converted into an image and presented on the display screen. However, the difference is that the probe light source adopts infrared light without red explosion. Generally, the wavelength is 940nm infrared light invisible to human eyes, and the infrared light reflected from the object received by the lens. At the same time, the probe can also turn 360 degrees to observe the situation of people or objects in a large range without dead angle in all directions.

To sum up, this is the application and principle of the hose endoscope shared by Xiaobian of Shenzhen Jietai Technology Co., Ltd. and we hope to solve your doubts. If you have any other questions about the endoscope, you can call us for consultation and look forward to your call.