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Application of industrial endoscope in aerospace industry

Application of industrial endoscope in aerospace industry

Jul 21,2022

Application of industrial endoscope in aerospace industry


Industrial endoscope is of great significance to the safety and effectiveness of aircraft. Through industrial borescope inspection, the engine disassembly, replacement, transportation and unnecessary shutdown losses are avoided, and the maintenance cost is saved. At the same time, the videoscope observation is intuitive, accurate, easy to operate, and can detect the internal damage of the engine in time. Considering the particularity of aeroengine maintenance, industrial endoscope is mainly used at present. With the help of industrial endoscope, the diesel engine set checks the internal components of the engine, finds the existing damage in time, and evaluates its performance status.


1. Characteristics of industrial inspection camara

Endoscope detection technology can send back the defects on the detection points with clear and high-resolution complete color image data, and can continuously enhance, analyze and store the image problems. When applying industrial endoscopes, the following main factors need to be considered according to the actual situation: first, the size of the inspection hole, second, the path of the detection position. Flexible endoscopes are selected for complex paths, and hard tube endoscopes can be selected for linear paths; The size and location of defects will affect the research image. Because of the complex structure of the aero-engine, routine maintenance cannot always rely on dismantling the engine for detection, so we need to use a borescope to detect it, that is, an endoscope for regular inspection. Fast and efficient inspection avoids a series of costs consumed in the process of engine maintenance.


2. Application of industrial endoscope technology in Aeroengine

In the aerospace field, industrial endoscopes have been widely used in the aerospace field, mainly to detect turbine blades, combustion chamber cracks, find and remove excess materials in the fuselage frame, weld various oil pipes and other cavity surface defects and other pipe surfaces, surfaces, engine cylinder barrels, oil pipes, oil pressure parts, nozzle components, etc. Compared with other detection technologies, the technology of detecting aircraft engine faults with industrial endoscope is relatively simple. The system uses the endoscope probe to transmit the image inside the engine to the external display. The crew judges the fault according to experience and the engine maintenance manual.

The endoscope in aviation is mainly used for quality control of research, design and development, manufacturing, assembly, internal structure welding of aero-engine, inspection of sanding, burr and wrong hole of castings, and defect troubleshooting of key parts such as flight navigation system.

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