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Application Of Industrial Endoscopes For Inspection Of Multi-Bend Workpieces

Application Of Industrial Endoscopes For Inspection Of Multi-Bend Workpieces

Feb 11,2023
       As one of the non-destructive testing tools, the main advantage of the industrial endoscope is the ability to inspect the interior of the object workpiece without damaging the equipment or workpiece, and can also be photographed, video, measurement at the same time, for the inspector to make the most accurate diagnosis.

  Most of the industrial endoscopes on the market can meet the inspection needs, of course, there are many more complex workpieces, in the detection of industrial endoscopes require more powerful features to do.

  For the more complex detection of workpieces, more typical is the workpiece of multiple bends, detection difficulties are mainly in the following areas.

  1, the shape of the workpiece is too complex, but also may be limited with the diameter of the workpiece, so the need for industrial endoscopes and the probe itself is more soft and flexible material, and the depth of field range imaging effect is very clear, in order to meet the detection needs;.

  2, for the detection of multi-bend workpiece, the biggest difficulty lies in the workpiece itself more bending points, endoscopic pipeline in the detection of the probe may be affected by its own traction line pull, the probe swing amplitude can not reach, and then damage the traction line inside the pipeline.

  3, multi-bend equipment if there is a special environment in large cases, the detection is even more difficult, like: there is water, oil, high temperature or higher air pressure, etc., these large environmental factors will affect the detection effect of the endoscope, which requires the product itself has a superior level of protection, at least waterproof level to reach IP68, the camera closure to be intact, in order to deal with these complex situations.

  In the face of these detection difficulties, the industrial endoscope can easily pass through multiple turns and has its own detection advantages.

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