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What are the types of endoscope and how to choose industrial endoscope

What are the types of endoscope and how to choose industrial endoscope

Jun 9,2021
With the development of industry, more and more industries need to use industrial endoscope for nondestructive testing. What kinds of endoscopes can be divided into and how to choose industrial endoscope? Next, JEET will give you a brief introduction of industrial endoscope.

Industrial endoscope equipment includes: Automotive endoscope, electronic endoscope, industrial endoscope, pipeline endoscope and other different types, involving various industries. Therefore, there are many manufacturers of endoscope, and the quality is also uneven

According to the probe material can be divided into: hard tube endoscope and hose endoscope.

According to the imaging mode, it can be divided into: optical endoscope, optical fiber endoscope, electronic endoscope, etc.

According to the usage of endoscope, it can be divided into desktop endoscope and portable endoscope.

Because there are many kinds of endoscope, different models have different application scope, so we should consider the diameter, length, visible direction, focal length and other technical indicators of the endoscope probe according to the testing location and requirements of your company. However, due to the complex environment of endoscope, it is necessary to consider its waterproof, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties.

For our products with complex detection technology, we can often require the use of a variety of types of endoscopes. General: straight rod mirror is more convenient to use, durable, good imaging effect, no need to bend, the product detection range is within 500 mm, suitable for straight hole detection. Video lens has many functions, flexible use, high reliability and wide applicability. It is suitable for products with complex internal control structure in various environments or occasions requiring continuous research, quantitative detection and comparative data analysis.

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