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How to protect the probe of industrial endoscope

How to protect the probe of industrial endoscope

Sep 11,2021
As one of the important tools of nondestructive testing, industrial endoscope has very important applications in many industrial testing fields. As we all know, the probe is the core component of industrial endoscope, which is very expensive both in replacement price and maintenance cost. Therefore, the industrial endoscope probe must be used correctly. So how to protect the endoscope probe from damage in the detection process?

1. Analyze the test conditions and select the probe that meets the requirements

Take pipeline inspection as an example: the larger the probe diameter and the longer the pipeline length, the easier the pipeline will be blocked and the easier the probe will be worn. Select the appropriate endoscope probe from the perspective of probe diameter range, material and complexity.

2. Probe protection with auxiliary tools is easier

During the detection process, auxiliary tools such as lens protective cover or lens centering device can be used to protect the lens, avoid the impact and serious friction between the probe and the pipe wall, and prolong the service life of the equipment. It also makes the detection picture more comprehensive and realizes 360 degree omni-directional detection without dead angle in the pipe, which is more relaxed.

3. Move slowly to avoid rough detection

During the test, the probe shall be moved slowly and carefully to ensure that the probe can reach the specified position smoothly. When the probe encounters obvious resistance during propulsion, it shall stop propulsion immediately to avoid hard pulling. Before propulsion, try to use sensitive force to further extend or eliminate resistance. For the same reason, the probe should be taken out slowly and carefully when exiting.

4. Replace the lens in the correct way

Shenzhen JEET industrial endoscope has multiple functions. A set of equipment can be selected or matched with lenses of different diameters according to their own needs, which can meet various video inspection items such as pipes and containers. The detection range is wider and the detection results are more accurate. When replacing the probe, it must be replaced correctly according to the interface mode and installed firmly to avoid lens falling off and damage in the subsequent detection process. In addition, during the replacement process, ensure that the equipment is in the shutdown state and avoid hot plug during operation.