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Key points to understand after purchasing industrial endoscope

Key points to understand after purchasing industrial endoscope

Sep 18,2021
Industrial endoscope is an indirect visual inspection equipment, which widens the visual detection range of human eyes and breaks through the detection limit of human eyes.

Composition and accessories of industrial endoscope equipment

What is the basis for correct selection and use? Specifically, we should understand the appearance, structure, process, keys, interface technology, etc. the endoscope is generally equipped with multiple lenses, and there may be some accessories, such as manipulator control device, rigid sleeve, etc. we should fully understand the design of each lens and the functions and uses of these accessories. Users in this part should also know the storage of the equipment in time, that is, how to store all parts in the equipment box.

Working principle of industrial endoscope

This problem is easy to be ignored. If we use it simply, we can skip this part. But if users do not want to master the essence of operation and want to fully display the performance and potential of the endoscope, then you are advised to spend time learning the basic principle of the industrial endoscope. For an efficient detection technology and an economical, fast, accurate and effective solution to the problems encountered in detection, it is recommended that you spend time learning the basic working principle of industrial endoscope. The detailed analysis includes the following contents: imaging principle, guiding principle, lighting design principle and measurement principle.

Application of industrial endoscope

The above principles are relatively boring. It is helpful to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding by learning the principles in the actual operation process and combining theory with sensibility. The practical operation mainly includes: (1) perspective observation; (2) Positioning and locking; (3) Photographic and video tapes; (4) Storage data management; (5) Measurement analysis. After mastering these practices, you can start to try some simple tests, and then slowly accumulate experience.

Detection technology and operation of industrial endoscope

Since defect detection is an important function of industrial endoscope, and this part involves different measurement data technologies, each measurement information technology enterprise takes different operation steps in the face of different defect types. Generally, enterprises face more main contents. Recommend some industrial endoscope measurement and control technologies and those supported by your equipment management, and then for these technicians to understand the working principle, operation activity flow, measurement skills and precautions, and further understand the advantages, disadvantages and application scope of various social measurement technologies, so as to make correct choices in use. In the past, double objective lens measurement technology was used more. At this stage, the more advanced is single objective phase scanning three-dimensional measurement technology. These problems can be focused. If there are actual measurement cases, the learning and education effect will be better.

Precautions and treatment of single point of failure

Industrial endoscope is a defect detection equipment with good performance and not easy to damage. Understand its precautions, including temperature requirements, electric shock protection, avoiding human injury, correct method of lens replacement, lens cleaning and equipment maintenance, etc. In addition, you should know how to identify and deal with some common simple faults.

The above has sorted out the knowledge required for the correct use of industrial endoscope. First of all, after purchasing industrial endoscopes, businesses will provide more comprehensive training to let you focus on the contents listed above; Secondly, the product manual with equipment will cover most of the contents. You can also benefit a lot from reading the product manual carefully; Finally, you can also consult JEET. We will introduce the principle, operation, technical parameters and precautions of industrial endoscope in detail.